About Us!

We are a ‘marketing-technology’ company on digital marketing capabilities and innovations, committed to superior brand engagement and business growth. We develop insightful digital strategies and enable on line marketing for corporations, professional entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and even individuals (who just want to have their own web based interactions and experiences – In this we can run diverse programs ranging from full social marketing programs, to running ads, campaigns and/ or marketing your special announcements).

Our ‘marketing-technology’ capabilities leverage deep consumer insights and create distinct experiences to enable superior on-line consumer interactions and cost effective reach – at all times. We do so by putting the customer at the core and the centre of everything. And enabling your brand, business and organizational requirements towards positive customer engagement and sustainable growth.

Our specialities include mobile app development, mobile marketing, web design and development, website audits, social media optimization, social marketing, seo, target marketing, pay per click marketing, on line reputation management and advanced analytics. At My Digital DNA we enable you to to stay ahead of the competition and stay ahead on the innovation curve

Our Methodology!

At My Digital DNA we are guided by proven scientific methodologies at all times and to a collaborative/ co create approach (that includes in-depth understanding of your requirements via consultative, strategic assessments and consumer-market research as needed).

Our solutions approach uses our proprietary CREATE framework that works as follows:

Capture → Reach → Execute → Act → Track → Engage

As follows:

Capture Requirements: Which all consumers, segments and markets to reach?
Reach Strategy: Where and how to reach the audience on line (Digital Marketing plan)?
Execute Plans: Deploy the Digital Marketing plan – to target conversion and brand objectives
Act for Strategic Conversion: How well is the strategic plan working? Feedback from market.
Track Progress: Measure progress – where we are? On customer metrics
Engage Customers: How to stay connected? CREATE Customer relationships and experiences

And we do same via a team comprising of solutions/biz analysts, creative, production and marketing technologists. So whether your requirement is for a year-long mobile marketing or SEO effort or is for just a simple banner ad or logo for your website, we follow the CREATE methodology (taking into consideration the customers you want to engage with or the market you want to reach and the marketing technology efforts to make the same happen). So your brand and business get the best bang for the buck.

We then plan and propose the best solution to your on line marketing challenges. With your approval, we launch the plan and monitor its progress. We tweak it according to the results and repeat the process.

Our Reporting System – Dashboard (Metrics)!

At all times and to all clients we provide access and progress reports. We do so via a progressive dashboard reporting system, where you will find all the relevant data on/ about your campaign. Our reporting system ensures real time tracking and course correctiveness to ensure your brand and business goals are effectively met.