The digital economy is the resultant outcome of ‘The Internet Economy’ and as such has spearheaded the digital revolution. In the IOE (internet of everything) era it is the new productivity platform and is being heralded as the third industrial revolution set to become the biggest opportunity over the next three decades – generating both market growth and new jobs: Specifically,

  • The next wave of internet is bringing in the next wave of competition and new opportunities
  • The next wave of internet demands the next wave of digital adoption (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)
  • The next wave of internet is allowing for business to grow faster and with new allies
  • The next wave of internet is creating more jobs than ever before (+20 mn jobs estimated by 2020)
  • The next wave of internet is changing everything. Are you ready? To lead and take charge?
  • The Department of Electronics & Information Technology of India published Internet of Things policy estimating IoT industry in India grow up to INR 940 billion, by 2020.
  • Goldman Sachs predicts that India (- with ~ 15% of the global population and growth rates of 7 to 8%), could become the second largest economy by 2030.
  • India’s new leadership considers the digital economy as a major growth enabler. “Digital India’ is a strategic initiative as outlined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Thrust areas include agriculture, health, water quality, natural disasters, transportation, security, auto mobile, supply chain management, food services, smart cities, automated metering and monitoring of utilities, waste management, oil and gas.
  • The estimated biggest opportunities are in skill development/ connected learning, smart grid, gas monitoring, and travel avoidance. Opportunities will abound for (a) people/citizens (b) businesses – both small and large [with INR 1447 billion opportunity] and (c) cities [with INR 5816 billion opportunity].

Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a Digital India is a strategic call to embrace the opportunity for India as one of the leaders to be in the third industrial revolution. And to benefit from the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that has never been as greater as now.

It’s time now to “Live Digital”