Why Go Digital?

We are in throes of transition where every business has to think of it's digital strategy, for it's own survival...Bill Gates

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We are in throes of transition where every business has to think of it’s digital strategy, for it’s own survival… Bill Gates

  • Nielsen (and many other surveys) have shown that more consumers are now spending more time than ever before on digital devices – consuming, interacting and transacting.
  • Data shows mobile device users alone are spending + 40% of their time on social media sites
  • Not going digital is not an option any more. Going digital is but a strategic decision now. Missing the boat can be expensive… very expensive!

To Elaborate:

  • Internet, Smartphones and 3D Printing are rapidly changing the landscape.
  • With proliferation of devices, connectivity and widespread usage of internet technologies, more than ever before, the balance of power has shifted from firms to consumers. Consumers are now choosing more and more from the digital mediums (apps and store fronts).
  • Digital has become more convenient and a more cost-effective marketing strategy.
  • It not only lowers marketing costs but allows for wider customer reach and quicker acceptance ensuring growth and profitability.
  • Be it single person start-ups or large/ global enterprises, all are being forced to reconsider their current marketing strategies.
  • So be it a large corporate or a SME or an individual for a resume and/or web profile, not going digital, is risking their future and the very survival itself .

wgd1Here are 15 reasons to consider, why to go digital (that are helping individuals and businesses like yours to improve their business performance, where they have been thinking/ asking questions, just like you):

  • How can I get more enquires? more traffic to my web site
  • How can I quickly reach more customers in my geographical target market?
  • How to go expand beyond my geographic market place and not incur additional costs?
  • How can I reach new target audiences?
  • How can I get my existing customers to engage more, spend more – more often?
  • How can I increase my average sales value?
  • How can I increase my profit margins by reducing sales process costs!
  • What is digital marketing, I wish I had an expert in our team, can I /we afford it?
  • Is my marketing material outdated in today’s digital world and to prospective customers?
  • Customers are now 24 x 7 = 168 hrs on devices, but I am only on 50-60 hrs operational mode! How do I become one with customers?
  • How can I get more inbound sales enquiries?
  • How can I know more about my customers changing lifestyle and needs?
  • What should I do to make my existing customers refer my goods/ services – Need a referral strategy?
  • Content and advertising/ adverts is not my cup of tea? How much will this cost?
  • Can I know who has watched or is interested in my advertising today, this week or this month?

MyDigitalDNA.com helps small or large businesses on these exact points, and more.

  • Most individuals, SMEs and professionals do not have the time or expertise to review and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.
  • This is where MyDigitalDNA.com comes in – as your Co create + Collaborative Digital Marketing Enabler
  • We work with business owners to understand their business objectives before recommending and implementing their digital marketing strategy